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For zuko-and-maiThe Tahno Twirl

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Entitled Rule-Breaking Assholes: A Comparison


Guys, a lot of people say they hate Tahno because he’s a cheater, and this kind of astounds me, because that’s one of the reasons I do like him. He is one of the few characters who actually ACKNOWLEDGES that he will do underhanded things to get what he wants. He’s not manipulating people from behind the scenes; he’s downright open about it. Meanwhile, Mako doesn’t seem to think it’s important that he’s cheating on Asami (um… for that matter, neither does Korra), and Korra doesn’t think anything she does is cheating because she’s the avatar. 

Also, okay, what’s so bad about liking a character who cheats (in a way unrelated to intimate relationships… ‘cause that I just can’t get down with ANYWAYS)? Am I only supposed to like the perfectly flawless and heroic Mary-Sues and Marty Stu’s of storytelling? Because Tahno is attractive, and not inherently evil, it makes this flaw of his all the more fascinating and troublesome. It makes me want to ask, why? Why does this beautiful and talented man even need to cheat to get what he wants? I want to know how deep the cracks run. We got to see him whole and we got to see him broken; I want to know everything in between. He was one of the only characters that actually underwent a change in Season 1! If he went back to pro bending, would he continue to cheat? Without pro bending, does he continue to cheat in other ways? His development is such that it opens up so many possibilities and yet firmly displays his character type. I can so get jiggy with that. 

But, hey, you want to like other characters instead of Tahno? Fine. Legitimately, totally fine! To each his own, really. But I am so sick of hearing “Ew, you like TAHNO? But he’s EEEVIL! But he’s barely IN Korra! You just see a pretty face and go for it, you don’t even THINK about it…” because hot damn, we are tumblr fans, and we think hardcore about EVERYTHING. 

So hey, take a look. Are you hating on Tahno because he was open about cheating, and ignoring Korra’s flaws because she wasn’t? Or is he just genuinely not your type? Because the second one is okay; the first one isn’t.))

Wow bby! I agree with you with all my heart~

I fucking love Tahno like holyshit!

And Korra has a LOT of flaws but I still like her cuz she aint perfect~

I love characters with flaws, that are out of the ordinary and go through some change~

There we go! The reasons why I love Tahno as a character despite hating him as a person. He really is very interesting.
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